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Advanced Innovative Bottling was founded as a Contract Manufacturing Company in Kansas City in 2014.  The company was relocated to Clinton, MO in 2017 to find a facility and a community to support the growth of the business.  The name of the company was changed to AI Bottling, LLC (dba Advanced Innovative Bottling), and the company footprint was expanded to include 2 properties with a combined 40,000 square feet of production and storage facilities, multiple contract manufactured brands, and three brands owned by the company, AI Brands!

The AI Brands began with the launch of Crave Cocktails in July of 2021.  Crave Cocktails are deliciously fun cocktails with enough variety to find something everyone can enjoy at the beach, pool, or party.  Each of the nine flavors pack a punch at 7.5% alcohol by volume, and their versatility allows them to be consumed frozen, over ice, as a shooter, or mixed into any beverage to bring more flavor!

AI Brands were further expanded in April of 2022 with the launch of Truman Reserve Golden Valley Bourbon.  In 2022, Truman Reserve brought home a gold at the Denver International Spirits Awards and a Platinum at the Las Vegas Global Spirits awards.  Truman Reserve is smooth enough to stand on its own and it also makes great cocktails.  It has a price point combined with that smoothness that will keep consumers coming back.

AI Brands were further expanded in January of 2024 with the launch of Honey Creek Hollow Rums.  Honey Creek Hollow Spice Flavored Rum is leading the way with its exquisite taste profile that makes it delightful to drink alone or to make a delicious cocktail with.  Honey Creek Hollow Silver and Gold Rum are perfect for making cocktails.

AI Brands are pioneering the evolution of 50ml packaging with the use of soft sided packaging, or tubes as we like to call them.  We took our Crave Cocktails packaging and customized/specialized it to Truman Reserve Golden Valley Bourbon and all three varieties of Honey Creek Hollow Rums.   Truman Reserve Golden Valley Bourbon and Honey Creek Hollow Rums are available in our beautiful 750ml Bottles and 50ml tubes designed to go anywhere with you.  That is why we call our 50ml tubes “ON THE GO” packaging!  Check them out and request them where you purchase your liquor.