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In January of 2023, the AI Brands were expanded to offer Rum Products to the consumer under the Honey Creek Hollow brand.  The current Rum products that are bottled in Clinton, MO are Honey Creek Hollow Spice Flavored Rum, Honey Creek Hollow Silver Rum, and Honey Creek Hollow Gold Rum.

Honey Creek Hollow Rums are domestic rums that are made from Sugar Cane Molasses, and they are perfect for making traditional rum cocktails or sipping neat.

In 1873, Honey Creek Township was formed. This township was named for the majestic Honey Creek, which still flows to this day along the northwestern corner of Henry County, Missouri. The creek gets its’ name from the bees that inhabit the area and make their honey in the trees along the banks near the flowing water. This scenic and beautiful area has inspired us to make a rum that is just as rich and flavorful as the history behind our town, Honey Creek Hollow!

Honey Creek Hollow Spice Flavored Rum
Honey Creek Hollow Spice Flavored Rum leads the way for the brand.  The unique proprietary blend of spices intrigues rum drinkers and cocktail makers.  This Flavored Rum can stand alone for the consumer that drinks rum neat or over ice, and it makes wonderful cocktails that span all seasons of the year.  We dare you to try this delicious Spice Flavored Rum with your favorite Root Beer and a scoop of ice cream.  We dare you to mix it with your favorite espresso and a dash of cream.  It will not disappoint in your favorite Holiday Egg Nogg cocktail, and it will not let you down mixed with any cola.  We urge all cocktail makers to get creative with our Honey Creek Hollow Spice flavored Rum!

Honey Creek Hollow Silver Rum
Honey Creek Hollow Silver Rum is a light rum with no color and a light flavor.  It is distilled at a high proof and bottled at 80 proof.  The rum is clean and crisp, which makes it perfect for use in traditional rum cocktails like Daiquiris, Mojitos, and Pina Coladas.  Honey Creek Hollow Silver Rum is the official rum used to craft our Rum Cocktails in our Ready-To-Drink Crave Cocktails Brand.

Honey Creek Hollow Gold Rum
Honey Creek Hollow Gold Rum maintains the same flavor profile as the Honey Creek Hollow Silver Rum with a touch of color added for the cocktail maker that prefers a hint of color for specific cocktails.

Only the best in Rum! 
Only the best in Rum! Honey Creek Hollow is proud to offer silver, gold, and spiced rum. Made from the finest sugar cane molasses, enjoy our rum in a frozen daiquiri, in your favorite cocktail, or sip it neat. Honey Creek Hollow Rums taste a little sweet, clean, and finishes smooth. Honey Creek Hollow is bottled in the Ozarks and celebrates its beautiful places and the rugged people that call it home.